I’ve finally started using GPG to sign Git commits/tags (for public projects like Dotbot) and sign/encrypt email messages!

Below is my PGP key fingerprint. However, you should not trust the key unless you have personally verified my identity (and signed my key) or you can establish the legitimacy of this key through your web of trust. Also, this page (at least as of the time when this post was published) is being served over HTTP, so there’s (theoretically) all kinds of other nasty stuff that could be going on (like a man-in-the-middle attack).

My PGP key fingerprint is:

pub   4096R/086B3B32 2014-10-30
      Key fingerprint = 72EE 4824 FA6E FF1F E750  A015 C3F6 E4F5 086B 3B32
uid                  Anish Athalye <>
sub   4096R/4C248F24 2014-10-30

You can grab my public key by running:

gpg --keyserver --recv-key 72EE4824FA6EFF1FE750A015C3F6E4F5086B3B32